Lumière Engagement Ring 2.00ctw Emerald lab diamond solitaire yellow gold band


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Size Chart

Rings sizing guides

Our team of diamond jewelry experts have put together a complete ring size guide to help you measuring your fingers at home which includes a ring size chart, printable ring sizer, and tips that you should follow to find your perfect fit.

The first tip we would like you to follow is to measure your finger at the end of the day. Do not measure your finger when it is hot or cold. As you probably know, your two hands slightly differ in size and consequently, a ring on a finger on your left hand will not be the same fit on the same finger on your right hand.

Once you found the chosen size, make sure to leave enough room for the ring to entirely and easily pass along the length of your finger.

If you hesitate between two sizes, we always recommend you picking the larger size.

How to measure your ring size at home?

The easier way of measuring your finger size is to use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your finger in millimeters (mm). This measurement will correspond to the size of the ring.

If you don’t have a tape measurer at home, then you could wrap a string or a paper around the base of your finger, then measure the string or the paper with a ruler.

Another tip is to measure the inside of another ring that fits your finger with a tape measure. Remember that all our styles will affect the choice of the size.

If you hesitate in any way, please book an appointment with our bespoke concierge who will offer a personalized shopping experience.

UK / US / European ring size chart
0.52 12.84 D 2.25 41
0.53 13.57 E 2.75 42
0.55 13.97 F 3.25 44
0.56 14.38 G 3.75 45
0.58 14.88 H 4.25 46.5
0.59 14.88 I 4.5 47
0.6 15.49 J 5 48.5
0.62 15.9 K 5.5 50
0.64 16.31 L 6 51
0.65 16.71 M 6.5 52
0.67 17.12 N 6.75 53.5
0.69 17.53 O 7 55
0.7 17.93 P 7.5 56
0.72 18.34 Q 8 57
0.73 18.75 R 8.5 58.5
0.75 19.2 S 9 59
0.77 19.6 T 9.5 60.5
0.79 20 U 10 61.5

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  • Style number
  • Diamond
    Lab grown diamond 2.00ctw G VS1
  • Metal
    18k yellow gold

Elegant four-prong solitaire engagement ring with a sustainable emerald cut lab-grown diamond, set in a high polish 18k recycled yellow gold band.

Our Latitude lab grown diamonds are among the finest to achieve SCS Third-Party Certification for Laboratory Grown Diamonds, as well as the highest sustainability rating, which equates to:

· 100% climate neutrality and net zero carbon footprint

· Full and transparent U.S. origin traceability and chain of custody

· Ethical stewardship and the protection of community, people, and planet

Diamonds of .5 ct and above in the Oscar Massin collections are fully SCS-certified. All diamonds in the Oscar Massin collection have been certified by the IGI (International Gemological Institute.)

All Oscar Massin products are designed in recycled 18k white and yellow gold with 100% climate-neutral Latitude diamonds; the stones are “as grown,” meaning they have no post-growth enhancements, resulting in the highest, type IIA purity level—present in only 1-2% of diamonds across the globe—both physically and chemically identical to their mined counterparts.

All Oscar Massin collections are first designed in Paris by Creative Director, Sandrine de Laage and then set and finished in New York City at the world’s finest private family ateliers.

Lumière Engagement Ring, 2.00ctw Emerald lab diamond solitaire yellow gold band

Lumière Engagement Ring, 2.00ctw Emerald lab diamond solitaire yellow gold band

Lumière Engagement Ring, 2.00ctw Emerald lab diamond solitaire yellow gold band

Lumière Engagement Ring, 2.00ctw Emerald lab diamond solitaire yellow gold band

Lumière Engagement Ring, 2.00ctw Emerald lab diamond solitaire yellow gold band

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2-year warranty

2-year warranty

All Oscar Massin fine jewelry is accompanied by a 2-year warranty for maintenance and care.

Jewelry care

Jewelry care

Oscar Massin fine jewelry is created from exquisite materials grown sustainably. To care for your jewelry, we advise rinsing it with clean water and using a simple steam cleaner to maintain brilliance and shine.

Signature wrapping

Signature wrapping

All Oscar Massin jewelry arrives in an artful, minimalist box and is presented in our own sustainably designed pouch and envelope with accompanying sustainability certificates.